Vovani Water Products

Vovani Products is the place where you will find the exact product for your needs. Our products and solutions are not only unique in their offerings, but also flexible. Vovani supplies the full range of commodity and specialized products for the manufacturing of food, beverage and water treatment plants for southern Africa.

We supply the following specific products which are summarized in a comparable table with additional information:

Pre-filtration or RO polishing filters

Pre-filtration or RO polishing filters

Filstar is an innovative undeformable support studied, produced and patented to optimize the performance of the filtration materials.

Everblue South Africa

Airborne Disinfection Systems


Phileas® Airborne Systems for Surface Disinfection. Download the brochure to see the specifications of each product in the Devea series.




A low-cost, portable water filtration unit that applies backwash to provide clean drinking water. No electricity or energy is used to operate the unit.

Aqua Solutions

Low Flow UF units: Gravity fed, man / auto


Aqua Solutions UF-PRO is the automated membrane solution for small scale water treatment and ideal for commercial and domestic clean drinking water.

Aqua Solutions

FEDCO High Pressure RO Pumps & Energy Recovery Devices


Reduces pump discharge pressure to 50% and results in energy savings.


Flexible Couplings


Specifically aimed for pipelines requiring coupling flexibility. Fittings are adaptable to pipeline deviations.


FRP Pressure Vessels: RO, NF, UF


Easily installed and maintained. Corrosion resistant. Fully customizable.


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